1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap Wholesale

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1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap

1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap

1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap
1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap
1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap
Features :
1.Reasonable price and large capacity
This bottle has a 1.3L (45oz) capacity to ensuring you  adequate intake of water every day . The glass has a transparent appearance and a capacity on the capacity scale, so you can always check if you need to replenish water.
2.Distinct Functional Design
This big belly bottle has a different function ,you can place your phone in the handle,and hands can do something else.  This bottle is lightweight. You can grab the upper handle above to lift it easily, or choose to use an adjustable strap. You can take it to anywhere such as school, gym, or office, etc.The streamlined design of the bottle makes it easier to clean. You can also use the dishwasher to help with it.
3.A special gift
Approaching Children's Day, you can choose this bottle as a gift, it symbolizes the blessing of health and happiness. This water bottle has a variety of color options,and Using a straw can easily drink the water, effortless. We believe that you will love this water bottle when you see it. We provide customers with any help and you are welcome to ask customer service with any questions.

Name: Big Belly Straw Cup
Model: /
Color: Transparent
Weight: 255g
Size: 13*13.7cm
Material: pp+pc
Step 1: production, packaging and distribution You can call our hotline or contact our online customer service to provide your basic needs for product customization; You can tell us your product requirements, budget, key points of customized gifts and delivery time.
Step 2: create customized solutions Our professional planning and design team will design 2-3 product customization schemes for you according to your specific requirements. If you are not satisfied with the product customization scheme proposed by us, we will re plan and design for you until you are satisfied.
Step 3: determine the cooperation and sign the contract After you determine the final planning and design scheme, we will sign a formal procurement contract with you, and immediately formulate a customized plan to arrange product production, packaging, distribution and other related matters.
Step 4: production, packaging and distribution Track the production, customization, packaging, distribution and other related processes of products in the whole process, and report the progress of orders to you in time.
Step 5: free door-to-door delivery to complete the order After the customized production, we will deliver your customized products to the designated place within the specified time.
Step 6: Post tracking service After the order is completed, we will pay a regular return visit and follow-up in the later stage to thank you for your support with satisfactory service.


Zhejiang Huangyan Dawei Plastic Mould Factory was established in 1999, specializing in plastic products and mould manufacturing. In 2011, Zhejiang Baoding mould Co., Ltd., a branch, was established to develop, produce and sell plastic products such as 1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap. In 2021, the company established orange fair brand and established an online sales model.


Since the establishment of the company for more than 20 years, we have constantly updated and improved production facilities and production lines, pursued better quality, introduced advanced products, and equipped with 10 injection molding machines, 5 blow molding machines and other equipments. Zhejiang Huangyan Dawei Plastic Mould Factory as China 1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap suppliers and OEM/ODM company, offers wholesale 1.3L(45oz) Portable Big Belly Water Bottle with Straw And Strap for sale online.At present, the company is mainly engaged in plastic products, such as storage, kitchen and other household products.


We always adhere to the enterprise tenet of "high standards, refinement and zero defects", regard quality as our life, take the lead in industry development, forge a company with core competitiveness and core values, adhere to the core values of honesty, excellence, mutual benefit and win-win results, and strive to provide better experience for customers!


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