Zhejiang Huangyan Dawei Plastic Mould Factory

Zhejiang Huangyan Dawei plastic mould factory was established in 1999,

specializing in plastic products and mould manufacturing. Dawei as China men women water bottle manufacturers and sports water bottles mould factory, offers plastic water bottle for sale at wholesale price.

In 2011, Zhejiang Baoding mould Co., Ltd., a branch, was established to develop, produce and sell plastic products such as household products. In 2021, the company established orange fair brand and established an online sales model.
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We have professional and well-trained technicians and experienced engineers, with advanced automatic production line equipment and automatic detection system.


We have a strong R & D team, according to the relevant information provided by customers to develop and produce products


We have advanced automatic production line equipment, automatic detection system and 30 sets of new technology machinery


Our company has obtained ISO 9001 and BSCI certification, and the quality control of products has been reliably guaranteed.


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