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What's The Right Plastic Water Bottle For You?

Get ready for a reusable Plastic Water Bottle to enter your life. While trends and functionality in bottles may not change as quickly as in smartphones or watches, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. These features will influence the decision you make when shopping for a water bottle.


Do you break things easily? Beware of fragile glass bottles or single-walled plastic and metal bottles.

Do you often change styles and replace things? Or do you want a long-lasting, all-purpose bottle? This goes back to the old fashion vs classic style debate. If sustainability is your goal, choose a classic bottle that you can reuse over and over again.

temperature control:

Would you like to use your bottle for hot and cold drinks? Or, do you want to keep your water bottle at a certain temperature? For this, you will need a stainless steel insulated water bottle.

Look and feel:

Do you want something that smells good and has an attractive design? If you answered yes to this question, avoid plastic bottles as they lack aesthetics.

Easy to use:

Would you be attached to your stuff if they were comfortable? Do you want something that feels like an extension of your body and can be easily carried around? Scroll down to the handle, spout, and cap sections, as these details can greatly affect the ease of use of a bottle.

Do you need something big for long trips or something small to carry? Head over to the water bottle sizes section of this guide where you'll find the best uses for different sizes.

Do you want to put it in the dishwasher? Plastic bottles can pose a safety risk if washed in the dishwasher at high temperatures, while vacuum flasks need to be hand-washed.

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