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What Is A Water Bottle With A Straw? What Are Its Advantages?

Water bottles with straws are reusable drinking bottles with straws inside. Sometimes these straws are fixed and you can only use the bottle with the straw in place. When drinking from a water bottle with a straw, keep the container upright and sip through the straw.

In other bottles, the straw can be removed and the bottle can be used as a regular water bottle. In this case, you can drink from a cup or glass by tilting the bottom of the container up.

Pros of water bottles with straws

Eliminate the need for disposable straws by using a water bottle with a built-in straw. This makes these bottles more environmentally friendly.

Using reusable straws on your water bottles may be healthier for you. Treadmill Reviews tested the lids of 12 reusable water bottles to determine how much bacteria is on the average athlete's reusable water bottle. The values are in CFU (colony forming units) per square centimeter. The company found that the average athlete's water bottle contained 313,499 CFU of bacteria.

To put that in perspective, the average dog toy has about 2,937 CFU. That means your reusable water bottle may contain more bacteria than your dog's favorite toy.

Slide cap bottles were found to have the most bacteria, followed by squeeze caps and then screw-top reusable water bottles. The straw cap bottle had the lowest CFU value at 25.4. (Your pet's water bowl has about 47,383 CFU and your kitchen sink has 3,191 CFU).

What's more, there are fewer harmful bacteria on reusable grass-topped water bottles. In fact, most of the bacteria found on straw-capped bottles are harmless. Most bacteria or germs found on squeeze and screw cap reusable water bottles are Gram-negative bacilli. These bacteria can cause diseases such as blood infections and pneumonia. In some cases, they can resist antibiotic treatment. Slide-top bottles also contain many harmful bacteria.

This means that reusable water bottles with straw lids are the safest type to use. However, keep in mind that while these types of water bottles may be more hygienic, they still require regular cleaning.

Straw makes drinking water easier. Reusable water bottles with straws are usually easy to open, especially if you only have one hand. You also don't need to tip the reusable water bottle back to drink when using the straw. This makes a water bottle with a straw ideal for when you're multitasking. They are also convenient for people with movement disabilities, strength impairments, or swallowing difficulties.

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