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What Are The Characteristics Of The Shape Of The Kettle?

If you think size and material are the only decisions you need to make when choosing a Plastic Water Bottle, think again. There is a range of advantages and disadvantages to consider in detail.

These factors can affect how you get your water, how well you clean your bottles, and how easy it is to carry them around. Learn about all the varieties available for these key water bottle functions.

kettle shape

bottle width

In addition to the volume of your water bottle, you also need to consider its external width. This is especially true if you need it to fit snugly in your hands, backpack covers, belt loops, or cup holders.

Bottle manufacturers understand this problem, and they have come up with alternative carrying solutions. Check out the bottle accessories section for other ways to comfortably carry your bottle.

bottle height

Keep in mind that some bottles are too tall to fit in a coffee maker or refrigerator water dispenser. Think about the different utensils you might want to use with the bottle and measure them accordingly.

inner corner

Another consideration for bottle shape has to do with how easy it is to clean. If the bottle has sharp corners or a noticeable "neck" inside, it may be more difficult to clean. Bottle mouth size can also affect your ability to clean the bottle. See the next section for tips on choosing the best finish for your needs.

Narrow-mouth bottles and wide-mouth bottle

Now, it sounds like we might be getting into the details, but it's important to keep reading. A bottle's mouth can make or break your relationship with it. When we talk about the mouth of a bottle, we actually mean its opening. At this point, we haven't even touched the next upcoming lid.

There is little benefit to buying a narrow-mouth water bottle. think about it. The shape of the bottle is fixed, it is difficult for you to reach into the bottle to clean it. The only real benefit is that you're less likely to splash yourself when drinking, but this can be solved in many other ways, such as by buying straws or sports caps.

That's why a wide mouth is critical for ease of use. You can insert ice cubes. You can insert a capsule water filter. You can fill it with other treats like nuts or even cookies. You can also dip the bottle in a stream and quickly fill it up outdoors. When you need to clean your bottles, the bottle brush fits easily. When your air dries the bottle, there is enough airflow to keep the bottle dry.

Long neck vs short neck or no neck

Of course, few water bottles on the market have long necks. That's because a long bottleneck can make the same problems that a narrow mouth has worse. Choose bottles with short necks or no necks at all.

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