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Precautions When Cleaning Sports Water Bottles

Precautions when cleaning Sports Water Bottles

1. Do not wash in the dishwasher

It's no doubt easy to toss a sports bottle straight into the dishwasher, but the water in the dishwasher is often near boiling point. Such temperatures often cause some plastic products to deform. There is usually a coating that can greatly reduce its lifespan in a sustained high temperature environment. In addition, the dishwasher may not be able to handle some dead spots in the lid.

2. Avoid cleaning too hard

If you wash your sports water bottle too hard, or just use steel balls or something, it's basically announcing that your water bottle is going to the trash. In addition, we also need to avoid chemicals such as bleach from flowing into our cups, because if you use these things and don't rinse them off, they may contaminate your next drinking water, affect our health, and cause us symptoms such as nausea and Vomiting while running.

3. Know when to discard them

Even with the utmost care, it's inevitable that there will be an oversight or two that will result in the sports bottle being washed incompletely or incompletely. When a sports bottle is used many times, it is inevitable that some bacteria will grow in it. When you find that hot water, fresheners, bottle washing, etc. cannot completely remove the bacteria inside, then you should give up this sports water bottle.

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