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How To Keep Sports Water Bottles Clean And Germ-free

When kids get back into sports and training, an often overlooked part of their gear is the humble Sports Water Bottles.

Whether it's a metal bottle or a plastic bottle, it needs a little love and attention. No matter what sport you play, water is key to staying hydrated during training or competition. It keeps you hydrated and is good for your teeth. Not drinking enough water can make you feel tired and unable to concentrate.

Water bottles are often ignored and left in the gym bag until the next workout. What's more, water bottles are often dumped on the sidelines, where they get dirty and muddy. So, to prevent any bacteria from lurking in the bottles, you should clean them after every use. Here are our suggestions:

You should wash your water bottle in the dishwasher at 60 degrees Celsius (if the bottle is dishwasher safe), or in warm soapy water, making sure to wipe off all debris.

Pay special attention to the spout of the mouth.

Always use clean rags, scrubbers, and tea towels. If they are dirty, they provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Drying is just as important as washing. Make sure the bottle is completely dry before storing it so moisture doesn't cause mold to grow.

To prevent dust or dirt from collecting, place the bottle upside down or place a cap on it.

Best to put your name on the bottle so people don't mistake it for their own.

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