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Different Materials Of Water Cup

1. Plastic sports kettle
Advantages of plastic: light, slow heat conduction, no hot water, big mouth and low price. Disadvantages: it is not wear-resistant, and there will be harmful substances if the material is unqualified.
2. Stainless steel sports kettle
Advantages of stainless steel: strong, no harmful substances, harmless to people, heat-resistant. Disadvantages: the single-layer heat conduction is fast and not wear-resistant. The double-layer stainless steel container has high requirements for processing accuracy, and the joints are easy to leak water and breed bacteria.
3. Aluminum sports kettle
Advantages of aluminum products: lightweight and fashionable appearance. Disadvantages: the heat conduction is too fast. You can't take hot water or cold water. Aluminum products are too soft and easy to bump into pits. Excessive aluminum intake will cause harm to people.
4. Silicone sports kettle
Advantages of silica gel: it can be folded, easy to carry, light, heat conduction is slow, hot water is not hot, big mouth, heat resistance, no harmful substances, harmless to people, and resistant to falling. Disadvantages: the material is too soft. It needs two hands to drink water when there is little water.

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